De Soto Computer Services provides preventive maintenance service to address the needs of residential and business clients. Basic equipment maintenance such as data backup, and software updates can be administered on a scheduled basis. By following a few basic procedures clients can greatly reduce the risk of data loss or hardware failure. The following information represents some of the procedures of a typical preventive maintenance.

Data Backup

     There are two reasons for data loss; either there was no backup or the media used failed to successfully capture the data. To reduce the possibility of data loss we require clients to maintain backups on Tape, CD-RW, DVD-RW, External Hard Drive or Online Storage. Backups are verified during each service visit to ensure that critical data is being safely captured. In the event of a system failure data will be transferred to another working system while repairs are being made.

Anti Virus Protection

     We recommend clients to maintain a current version of an anti-virus software. Systems should be configured to automatically perform virus definition updates and perform full system virus scans weekly.

Software Updates/System Optimization

     Operating system updates and patches are downloaded and installed to ensure that your system has the most current version of the OS software. Internet browser software updates or upgrades are preformed as software changes become available.
     Updated component drivers are installed as they become available or are required by system changes. Hardware configurations are checked to be sure that they are operating efficiently and without conflict with other components.
     Defrag and scan disk maintenance programs are run to detect any problems that your hard drive may have. Any temporary or unneeded files are located and removed.

     We perform a "needs" consultation to review your current setup and then provide you with a custom maintenance program.  
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